About Me

I am going to start off by saying I haven’t always been grateful for what god gave me. I am 6ft, pear shaped and I am at least one size smaller on top and this isn’t always ideal. It is only fairly recently that I have learnt to love my height and appreciate what I have, whether that’s my physical appearance, relationships or personal circumstance. I haven’t always embraced my height, in fact until last year, I used to cringe if anyone remarked on it and being a 6ft tall woman means daily comments about my height. Instead of feeling awkward about it, I now feel complimented when people ask me how tall I am and have totally embraced how useful it can be in every day situations. Ok, so shopping can be difficult, and I mean, to the point where you give up, go home and sulk for 2 days because all the dresses in 6 different shops looked like tops and trousers being an absolute no go! However, I have found my own style and learnt how to shop for my height, shape and my own personal look! I am here to share my love of fashion and tips with others who may struggle with finding their own style, especially if you are on the taller side and can’t find clothes long enough in most shops. I am by no means a fashion guru but I want to show that being tall and not the most feminine shape doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fashion!