My Pregnancy Journey – April 2019

This blog post is very different to my usual posts about fashion, as I am experiencing a big change in my life, I feel it only right to share it with you.

Finding Out

Sharing the news

As it was such a surprise we decided to tell our parents straight away, we just couldn’t contain our excitement. It was inevitable that they would realise soon enough anyway. Although we waited some time before telling others. Being the first couple in our friendship group to have a baby we weren’t sure how our friends would react and naturally people reacted in different ways. Mostly friends were excited and pleased for us. Although it was evident that others weren’t quite sure how to take the news. I think there are often concerns that by having a baby everything will change and friendships can change. We aren’t worried about this but understand why people all react so differently. We decided to share the news online with a fun photo shoot in a rapeseed field behind our house. Sharing our news with everyone was such a relief and made it all feel more real. We are planning a gender reveal party soon and we will find out whether we will be meeting Charlie or Summer in a few months time.

Style and fashion during pregnancy

As you will know from my Instagram and this blog fashion is big part of my life and who I am, it is how I express myself and is a passion of mine. Becoming a mother is something I am beyond excited about, I want to enjoy every element of this pregnancy and that includes finding ways to style my changing body. At 20 weeks I can still fit in most of my clothes except for my favourite mom jeans. I have bought a couple of maternity bits and what can I say, they are the most comfortable items of clothing in my wardrobe. A couple of pairs of maternity jeans and some maternity leggings are a must. Although I would say that generally maternity clothes are quite bland and generic. There is also a very and I mean very limited choice of tall maternity clothes on offer. Currently the only places I found a tall maternity range were ASOS with just 12 items (mostly jeans) and Next with 25 items. After a few failed shopping trips recently, trying on maternity clothes, I’ve decided to make a change. I’ve stopped just looking at maternity clothes and try on clothes I like but size up. Sometimes this doesn’t work as the waist band will be in the wrong place or there’s a zip on a dress that won’t do up due to my bump. But so far it has worked really well. It has meant I can still enjoy new trends and styles and feel myself by just sizing up! I will continue to do this throughout my pregnancy so I can enjoy fashion and feel myself whilst going through such a huge change.

Keeping fit

I generally struggle to find exercise classes and workouts that I enjoy, but since being pregnant I have discovered a new love of yoga. I joined a pregnancy yoga group recently and it has been amazing. It has helped me to stay healthy, I have met some wonderful mum’s to be who one day I am sure i’ll be lucky to call friends, it has really helped me find ways of coping with stress and stay calm during stressy pregnancy moments.

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